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Entity 404 Boss Addon for Minecraft PE

As a famous a creepypasta in Minecraft, Entity 404 Boss Addon promises to make players feel pleased in many aspects. With the super strength, Entity 404 replaces the Evoker mob in an effective way. Let’s start playing this addon now.

Founded by: Jujustyle7

How to Play Entity 404 Boss Addon

Having been known as a replacement of Evoker mob, Entity 404 spawn in Woodland Mansions by a random way. However, instead of finding out Woodland Mansions, you can make use of spawn egg to spawn the Entity 404 easily.

The way Entity 404 gains its power is summoning husks, zombies, and fighters. When the Entity 404 Boss has low health, it will get the stronger health of 200 hearts. One fact is that Entity 404 can summon different minions in a short time.

If you succeed, you can find a huge source of treasures like undying totems, emeralds, and diamonds.

Key features

  • Entity 404 has 250 hearts in health
  • It can summon husks, zombies, and skeleton minions
  • If the Entity 404 has low health, it will receive 100 hearts in health after you choose a final mode. It takes about 2 minutes to summon various minions
  • The drops include undying totems, emeralds, and diamonds

Video Review

How to install Entity 404 Boss Addon

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Enable the packs for exploring a world in-game

If you find this addon interesting, click here to get a .ZIP file for it here.


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