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Endless Tunnel [CTM] Map for Minecraft PE

What do you know about this map? It tells you a story about a tunnel with 2000 blocks, which come with 10 stages. Your task is trying to overcome these stages. This map is a great improvement from the previous version, Endless Tunnel map.

Founded by: Crisjp03

How does Endless Tunnel [CTM] Map work?

Firstly, choose a class for each level. After having your decisions, you should pick important items.

To overcome each level, you need to experience many obstacles, which has the combination of PvE and parkour.

Once you finish a level, you can move to a safe place. You can respawn in case of dying by saving checkpoint. Put a wool block down to get necessary items for the next levels.

Each level has different obstacles to overcome.

A small minus of the game is that it comes with the Spanish language.

Main Rules

  • You need at least 5 players to play the game
  • Avoid making mods/cheats
  • Each class one player

How to Install Endless Tunnel [CTM] Map?

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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