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EnderCraftPE Mod for Minecraft PE

The EnderCraftPE mod for Minecraft PE features an ender armor set, an ender pearl, and a new weapon. This mod turns into an enderman and accesses some exclusive abilities such as teleportation. You don’t have to be an enderman mob to have the same look.

Creator: Obagames

The way EnderCraftPE mod for Minecraft PE works

Ender pearls and ender stones are needed to craft the ender sword and ender armor set. You must kill endermen to get the necessary pearls and stones to mine some obsidian blocks using diamond pickaxe. Check out a list of all crafting recipes below.


As soon as you equip the armor you will look like a dwarven edition of an Enderman. However, it looks really amazing.

The weapon does +10 attack damage which is better compared to diamond sword which does +8 attack damage.


Dead endermen drop ender pearls. Throw (long-tap) the ender pearls to throw them. You will be teleported wherever they land.

IDs & Crafting Recipes in EnderCraftPE mod for Minecraft PE works

  • Ender Pearl (1000) – dropped by endermen
  • Ender Sword (1001) – 2 enderstone + 1 stick
  • Ender Stone (1002) – 1 obsidian
  • Ender Helmet (1003) – 1 ender pearl + 5 ender stone
  • Ender Chestplate (1004) – 8 ender stone + 1 ender pearl
  • Ender Leggings (1005) – 7 ender stone + 1 ender pearl
  • Ender Boots (1006) – 1 ender pearl + 4 ender stone

Important: You need latest BlockLauncher beta!


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