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The End Stronghold [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This is a great dimension you should enjoy in Minecraft. At present, it is designed for the PC version. However, the game is suitable for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

You can use this map to come to the End. Overcome an End portal before accessing this area. It is very close to the End.

Founded by: Goreckicraft123

How does The End Stronghold [Creation] Map work?

Leave the house, and it’s time for you to stay in a big village. There is a stronghold in the village’s the outskirt. After accessing the stronghold, you will meet the End portal.

The End portal in this map shares many similarities with the Minecraft PC version. Enter the portal, and you come to the End. Wait a few minutes for the game to load.

There are enderstone, endermen and chorus trees here. Hope that you can get the perfect End in the future.

How to Install The End Stronghold [Creation] Map


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