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End City Close to the Central Island Seed for Minecraft PE

Discovering the End and an End City is a simple task with this seed. All you need to do is selecting the creative mode, watching the items and blocks that are hard to get at the spawning point. It takes you a short time to get there, about 5 minutes. Make sure that you are in the creative mode.

Creator: Enderplayer611

The best way to come to the End City

You need to enter an End Portal when coming to the End city. There is no difficulty in doing this task. Remember to choose the creative mode and you could get the valuable items and blocks. Moreover, you had better try to seek for a stronghold structure with an End Portal room when staying in this mode.

  • 12 Eye of Ender
  • 12 End Portal Blocks

The first place welcoming you to the End city is a small sized room, which is located on a big floating island. Look at the views around you. You can see many endermen as well as a flying dragon.

Your next task is seeking for the place as in the picture below. After that, fly forward about 200-300 blocks.

There are some floating land masses ahead you. Then, walk straightly and you are close to the End city.

This is the signal of surviving in one End City and other surrounding places.

Seed: 57857190


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