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Elytra Championship [Minigame] (0.17 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

As a great elytra wings map, Elytra Championship [Minigame] (0.17 Only!) Map guarantees to make you feel relax in your free time. Your task is completing all levels by flying through different rings. The winner is the first person who completes the finish line. The number of players should be 1 to 4.

Founded by: vivek1128

How does Elytra Championship [Minigame] (0.17 Only!) Map work?

Firstly, choose a team among 4 options, including blue, green, yellow, and red. After selecting your most suitable color, you can go through this color ring. If you do wrong, you have to start the game.

Remember to know the rules of this game before starting.

The Redstone countdown will begin by pulling the lever.


  • Avoid breaking blocks
  • Choose survival mode
  • Start over the ring when you play the game from level 1 to 4
  • Type the command /kill or jump to the lava if you fall

Notice: If you are Android users, feel free to sign up for the beta here.

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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