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Elmsville: A Modern City (Roleplay) [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This city is a perfect place for roleplaying. There are many interactive things here, including the garage doors, the showers, and many shops. You will find it interesting to play the game by enjoying redstone and commands. Let’s play the map now.

Founded by: TripleThreat817/2cuteRedstoneKitty

Check out these impressive features below.

  • Job System: There are various occupations for you to choose.
  • Shop System: There is unchallengeable to play this system.
  • Restaurant
  • Dentist makes the teeth of the hamburger clean
  • There is a variety of beautiful houses
  • Big houses come with different bedrooms, showers, pools, and garage doors
  • The creator of the Theme park is TheSteakPotato. The park comes with many bumper cars, roller coaster, and a mini dropper
  • You can find TV, money and so on in the Custom texture pack

How to Install Elmsville: A Modern City (Roleplay) [Creation] Map

  1. Download .McWorld
  2. Download .ZIP
  3. Download Texture Pack .McPack

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