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 ElectricGuns Mod for Minecraft PE

With this mod, you can have a memorable experience with 50 firearms. These weapons have the powerful strength to cause danger to the enemies. They vary from machine guns to rocket launchers.

Founded by: ElectricDroid

How to Play ElectricGuns Mod

Tap the weapons on the floor. This allows you to shoot immediately. You can stop shooting by tapping again. Because some weapons are modern, they come with the clear and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).

Next, you need to enter the creative inventory to select the guns. There are 50 options for you to choose from.

The bazooka is capable of releasing a TNT block that takes some seconds to explode.

AUG is very efficient in attacking enemies by using bullets.

You can make use of the frag grenad to place down TNT blocks. Wait about 5 seconds until the TNT explodes.

The double bazooka can destroy different TNT blocks at once.

Choose a sniper rifle if you want to shoot in a long distance. You need to use a button located on the right corner of the display. Zoom it and press the button.

For people who are seeking for guaranteed lag, they should pay attention to the minigun weapon. Once you choose this weapon, it starts releasing TNT blocks. This action will stop when you choose other items.

Then, tap a C4 on the ground to make use of C4 detonator. While keeping C4 Detonator, you must use the C4 button, which is located on the right corner of the display.

Keep reading and discover other weapons on our page.

How to Install ElectricGuns Mod

  • Download a zip file by using ES File Explorer
  • Choose one of the methods below to download the game. Access the “Mod – No TexturePack” folder to install the mod
  • Access the latest version of BlockLauncher to set up the .modpkg file.


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