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Egypt Survival [Survival] Map for Minecraft PE

All of locations in the map are established in a flat world. These locations could be listed here, including The Forbidden Zone, Great Sand Sea, Giza, The End, Siwa, and Qattara Depression. Other attractions of the world are pyramids, passageways, tombs, and towers. Check them out in our next parts.

Founded by: Craftminer07


  • Try to get as many items as possible. They are useful to help you defeat enemies
  • Use a variety of currencies to sell or buy items
  • After seeing 4 portal blocks, you can move to The Forbidden Zone
  • Set up the End portal and keep an eye on ender
  • Defeat the ender dragon by using wings and fireworks
  • In the End, find a right place
  • Come to the Achievement Hall
  • Get worthy rewards by finishing different tasks
  • Find Explorer’s House. Then, the trophies must be put in the Trophy Room

Main Rules

  • Avoid walking out of the locations
  • Set difficulty
  • Avoid getting things from the Throphy Room, shops, and the Achievement Hall
  • Avoid turning gold ingots to nuggets

How to Install Egypt Survival [Survival] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP


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