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Edit creative mode chests in 0.14.0

In every version of Minecraft Pocket Edition history, you are unable to open a chest in creative mode to access its items. That’s all going to change in the 0.14.0 update – You will be able to open, edit creative mode chests in 0.14.0 and then open it later in.

This will be a game changer for map creators who are weary of always switching gamemode to survival, in order to complete their adventure maps for the large Minecraft PE community.

Edit creative mode chests in 0.14.0

If you have played Minecraft on the PC, you would know that switching between Survivor and Creative mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition can be a real pain. On the PC, you can switch modes using a command, which can be easy using the game mode command. Well, that is difficult on the mobile device considering there are no commands, and therefore no switching game modes during gameplay. To switch game mode, you had to go to go back to the main menu, choose the world and the other game mode.

While using commands to switch game mode is still not available in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there is now a way to make Survivor Mode a lot less difficult. Yes. You can now open creative mode chests in 0.14.0. You can open them, put stuffs in them, and then go to Survivor and use whatever is in them. If you wonder why this was not a part of the game in the first place, then we are on the same page. But at last, it is here and you can have a better head start before roaming in Survivor Mode.

So yeah, edit creative mode chests in 0.14.0 is coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Follow me @igazen. Subscribe to MCPEbox.com for cool Minecraft Pocket Edtion content. Stay tuned for more upcoming news on the 0.14.0 update!

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