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Dynamite Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

This mod contains 6 main types of dynamite for you to enjoy in your game. Although the mod is simple, it plays an important role in protecting you from monsters. It is also a good way to help you change the hard terrains.

Founded by: Wartave

How does Dynamite Mod (Android) work?

Like TNT block, Dynamite comes with standard features as the followings. The only difference between Dynamite and TNT block is that Dynamite could be thrown.

    • Dynamite (ID: 1000)– 1 String + 2 Gunpowder
    • Mega Dynamite (ID: 1001) – 3 Dynamites
    • Ocean Dynamite (ID: 1002)– 1 Water Bucket + 1 Dynamite
    • Fire Dynamite (ID: 1003)– 1 Lava Bucket + 1 Dynamite
    • Digging Dynamite (ID: 1004)– 3 Mega Dynamites
    • Vaporize Dynamite (ID: 1005)– 1 Empty Bucket + 1 Dynamite

Pay attention to several typical explosions.

In comparison with a TNT block, the Mega Dynamite has the greater explosion.

The Ocean Dynamite is an effective weapon in defeating endermen. It has the ability of spawning some water.

Use the Digging TNT for finding some ores. It is capable of removing blocks, even bedrock.

Passing an ocean is possible with some Vaporize Dynamites. Throw these dynamites. They work based on making the water vaporize.

Notices: You need using an Android app, BlockLauncher when activating this mod.

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