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Dyeable Armor Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

If you are using Android and looking for a great way to turn your armor into your favorite color, you should pay attention to Dyeable Armor Mod (Android). Dyeing is a simple task with this mod. You can dye most of the items without any difficulty. One fact is that it is a little bit challengeable to use a cauldron for dyeing. All in all, this game’s worth enjoying for many reasons.

Founded by:  Supreme9k

How to Play Dyeable Armor Mod?

Firstly, you must choose the item that needs dyeing. Besides, decide the suitable dye for your armor.

How to Install Dyeable Armor Mod (Android)

Notice: You need to activate the newest version of BlockLauncher before starting the game.

  1. Download Dyeable Armor .modpkg
  2. Convert the modpkg file to BlockLauncher or other applications


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