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-1078523866: Dungeon in a Village MCPE Seed

Dungeons are scary space deep underground that gives you a way in but kills you before you can make your way out (at least in theory). On few occasions, you can find these dungeons and explore them if you have the balls to. In this case, there is a dungeon in a village that includes one skeleton monster spawner and one chest. This is a great challenge for players, as well as an opportunity for looting.

The seed basically spawn you inside the dungeon. Once you have spawned you should see a farm which is partly generated on the inside of a mountain. Go in there to find the monster spawner and a chest.

dungeon in a village

In the chest you will find the following items:

  • 4 gunpowders
  • 1 iron ingot
  • 4 bread
  • 2 buckets

dungeon in a village dungeon in a village

Loot the thing quickly before more skeletons spawn and shoot you to death. Several of the farms and houses in the village have been generated in areas around the mountain. That’s why it’s called Dungeon in a Village.

Seed: -1078523866

All credit goes to steven1999123

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