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Dungeon in Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed is very interesting with a dungeon inside a stronghold. You may find it a little bit challengeable to come there. Discover the dungeon. It has a skeleton spawner and two chests. Your responsibility is overcoming these obstacles to come to the end portal room. It promises to bring the fun to you when enjoying this game.

Creator: Damasen

Situated in a plains biome, you can see the Dungeon in an area between a desert biome and a savannah biome. Turn right and walk ahead to the desert. Move continuously on this path with a minimum of 200 blocks.

After going straight, you will pass the desert biome and come into a savannah biome. You have a chance to see a village here.

Try to seek for a well in the center of this village. Dig down as the following image.

While digging, you can find several mossy stone bricks. Overcome the bricks to enter the stronghold. Firstly, turn right. Then, walk down the two staircases.

Walk along the hallway on your right side.

Continue the next turn on your right side.

This is your final destination. There is a stronghold located near the end portal room, which provides a huge source of amazing seeds.

In order to activate the portal, it is necessary for you to get 12 Eye of Ender.

Seed: -111411759

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