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Double Snow Village & Forests Seed for Minecraft PE

With three different villages, Double Snow Village & Forests Seed is located closely to spawn. Two of 3 villages help build up a big snow village. Moreover, there is a plenty of forests here for you to discover. Therefore, it guarantees to supply enough resources for you in your entire life. Start playing this game if you want to have a great warranty of resources to survive.

Created by: MightyMapExplorer

How does Double Snow Village & Forests Seed work?

Firstly, the place for you to spawn is in front of a normal village, which has a blacksmith living here. To discover ahead amazing things, you need to turn left and walk straightly for a while.

Go through the river on your left side. You will see a snow village soon.

Two water wells combine well with each other in establishing a double village. Each village in Minecraft has one well.

Look inside one part of the snow village. Enter the blacksmith’s chest and you can find necessary items.

  • 1 iron sword
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 3 gold ingots

The following image describes the overview of this seed. The place for you to spawn is on your left side, whereas, there is a double village on your right side.

You can see many big forests surrounding the double village. The large spruce forest is described as below.

What about an oak forest? It looks as in the following image.

What’s more? There is a taiga forest here.

Here is a birch forest that is worth discovering.

Seed: -114373476

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