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Dispenser is coming to 0.14.0 Update

Dispenser is coming to 0.14.0 update of Minecraft Pocket Edition! They’re a great addition to MCPE, and will hold an important role in both map making and adventures.

A Dispenser is a Redstone-related block that was added in Update 0.14.0. It is used to dispense items and shoot projectiles out of it when powered by a Redstone Signal.

dispenser is coming to 0.14.0

How to craft a Dispenser?

  • 7 Cobblestone + 1 Redstone + 1 Bow => 1 Dispenser

What does a Dispenser do?

A Dispenser’s main use is to dispense blocks out. There are some examples:

  • It will shoot out Arrows, Snowballs, Splash Potions or Eggs if you put in their respective ingredient.
  • It will spawn mobs if Spawn Eggs are put in it.
  • It will dispense TNT as Primed TNT.
  • It will ignite the block in front of it if Flint and Steel is put in it.
  • It will place Water/Lava if their respective buckets are put in it.
  • It will use Bone Meal on the block in front of it.
  • It will place Armor on the Player if they are near it.

Any other item placed in a Dispenser will be released in the same way as they are from a Dropper.

Interesting facts about Dispensers

  • A Dispenser will not splash a potion if it is not a splash potion.
  • Dispensers will hold up to 572 (9 stacks of 64) of a single item.
  • Dispensers change textures when placed and faced upwards.

The Dispenser is coming to 0.14.0 Update of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Subscribe to MCPEbox.com for awesome Minecraft PE content, as well as the latest news from Minecraft PE.

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