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DiseaseCraft PE Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

I will introduce you a mod which also was based on one mod in Minecraft PC.That is DiseaseCraft PE Mod.It is about Diseases.

This mod was made by MitchellbrineTheCreator and it was modified to fit Minecraft PE by Kingbudderjr.It adds  more new diseases for you.It will make you survive in this world will become more difficult.Having three new  diseases which were added.Such as Bubonic Plague, Rabies, Bubonic Plague.They can be cured by medication.But have one disease can not cure by medication.Be careful with those diseases.

DiseaseCraft PE Mod
DiseaseCraft PE
DiseaseCraft PE Mod
DiseaseCraft PE

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Medical Journal (500) – 1 book + 1 redstone + 1 grass + 1 diamond pickaxe + 1 raw porkchop + 1 bone + 1 water bucket + 1 carrot + 1 flint
  • Medicine [acetaminophen] (502) – 1 bucket + 2 sugar + 1 redstone

Author: Kingbudderjr


DiseaseCraft PE


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