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Dino Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Dino Mod is a famous mod which will take you about prehistoric few hundred million years ago.This mod was created by TomDomIsEpic.

Like the name of this mod, it is about dino.In this mod, you will have a lot of type of dinosaurs such as Triceratops horrendous, Brachiosaurus, …   and special is Tyrannosaurus.It is so beautiful and fresh.To have them, you must spawn them by eggs.These eggs are crafted.You must find materials of them.Not only one thing, you must find a lot of things  to have them.Until now, this mod just only supports for one dino that is T-Rex.In the later version, will have many dino which is supported.

Dino Mod



Dino Mod


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