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Diamonds & Mineshaft Under Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

When it comes to this seed, you will spawn in a tiny lake of an island that is situated close to big mountains biome. There are many things to discover in the next parts of our post.

How does Diamonds & Mineshaft Under Spawn Seed work?

What can you find in the deep underground? The top of the tree is the place where you spawn. Your task is digging down the underground until you see a cave.

After a short time of digging, you no longer find a diamond ore here.

Dig again to find the valuable ores. You shouldn’t let the mined ores make contact with diamonds to avoid the destruction from lava.

Continue your adventure of exploring the cave system. There is a great lavafall welcoming you. Look behind the lavafall. There is a mineshaft here.

Seed: 144089

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