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Minecraft PE Seed: diamond seed – 30+ Diamonds

Diamond always is a better items in the Minecraft PE. With the diamonds you can do a lots of things, it is nice material for crafting rare items. So you can find 30+ diamonds in this seed but to get them doesn’t easier, than no need to waiting, let’s start an adventure to finding diamonds. Start at the sand blocks at the images below, it has been marked by the red arrow.
Start dig down from this sand blocks.

After awhile you will falls down to the first cave where is marked by the wood block and a torch (Can be seen in the images below). An tipis remember this place to easily navigate your position if you lost in this cave system. From the marked point enter to the cave and go to the left side, and soon you will see 2 gold blocks and first 7 diamonds by continue to the right side.

The marked point
The first 7 diamonds.

That is good sign, the remain diamonds will be find by starting at the marked point. In there you need destroy the wood block and following the path until reach to the second cave system. In here you must find a room with the lava marked it with some things like torches it will be useful in the future. Then get back to where you were digging and dig straight down until you reach a diamond block. But careful if you digging too deep you will fall down to the lava. Walk over other rock blocks destroy them and lots of diamonds blocks surrounding can be found.

The second marked point
More and more diamonds

Searching careful the second cave system to find more diamonds. Good Luck!!!!

Seeds : diamond seed Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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