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Dessert Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Dessert Craft Mod is a new mod which is about ground in Minecraft PE.It was created by Roman.This mod adds some new items which were added to inventory creative such as the Crystal sword.You will have some new tools such as:

  • Hoe cactus is the goddess of the hoe rid of that dry land is the perfect hoe to plant leaves ground.Hoe
  • Hoe Crafted glass when the neese cites nothing more nesecitas bullion glass.
  • Hoes massive stone Nothing desire simply that will last a lifetime.
  • With this Sword of cactus spines sword, You will cause an extra damage to enemies.
  • Sword glass when you break the sword of diamond is the best option.
  • Sword massive stone and you cause a lot of damage lasts a lot.
  • For armadurara cactus. When you’re standing on a block of sand and have the complete set armadurara have strength 1. If the block is sand souls will fire resistance. If you are in the desert biome you have strength in February.

Have Fun!!

Dessert Craft
Dessert Craft


Download Dessert Craft Mod for Minecraft PE




  1. from long time am looking for this..

  2. You mean DESERT, retard.

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