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Desert Dungeon Survival Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.2/0.14.0

Your quest in this map is to travel to an old desert dungeon and try to get your hands on some precious treasures. You must to walk to the desert dungeon and battle your way through an army of monsters before you can collect the treasures and get away. Challenge yourself through a daunting task and collect your reward.

All credit goes to Luma

Desert Dungeon Map Objective

Once you have spawned, take whatever you can find in the chests. Take everything because you will need everything you can get. Just a little further away out in the desert you should be able to see the dungeon. Follow the marked pathway in the sand that will lead you to your doom or glory.

desert dungeon desert dungeon

The goal is to get to the top of the structure and obtain the treasures. Inside the temple there will be plenty of guarding monsters which you have to fight off in your way to get to the top.

desert dungeon desert dungeon

It is recommended that you find a way to destroy the monster spawners to save you from all the trouble.


  • Set render distance to max
  • Set difficulty to max for that extra challenge. Though, you can choose easy if you want to.


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