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DelisoJan’s BattleShip [Minigame] [PvP] Map

This is the world of DelisoJan. This map allows you to become a pirate and fight with other friends in 4v4, 3v3 and 2v2. Create your battleships and destroy the ship of your enemies.

Founded by: DelisoJan

Key Features

There is a variety of game modes in this map.

  • No Limits Mode means no aggressive mobs, no weather and timer as well
  • Nightmare Mode comes with the high difficulty, aggressive mobs, fire ammo, and bad weather. Besides, this mode spawns in a hospital
  • Deathmatch Mode indicates that if you die, you will appear in the battle area
  • Peaceful Mode comes with great peace without fighting
  • Normal Mode has good weather and normal difficulty


How to Install DelisoJan’s BattleShip [Minigame] [PvP] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .McWorld