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DEFAnimation Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Your game will become more attractive with the great block animations. The animations play an essential role in building up an alive and vibrant world. At present, it is suitable for both Pocket Edition and the Minecraft PC version. Some blocks of the game will be updated in the future.

Founded by: Gibea

Ported by: xXHongyiMCPEXx

How to Play DEFAnimation Texture Pack

It is difficult to find animations in the Minecraft vanilla version. Most of the actions in this version are images.

However, you can enjoy the animations of some blocks in DEFAnimation Texture Pack with a .GIF animation. It is more vibrant than a pack with only a .PNG image.

Loading the animations is so simple by clicking each image.

Demo Video

Have a comprehensive view of this interesting texture pack by watching the video below.

How to Install DEFAnimation Texture Pack

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE.
  3. Choose Settings > Global resources
  4. Enable the resource pack
  5. Restart Minecraft PE

The game allows a multiplayer server if you edit the world by making use of this pack.

Click here to download a .ZIP file of this pack.

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