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Deep Sea Addon for Minecraft PE

The deep sea in this game means the Nether. Once textures and mobs are underwater, they are revamped. Feel great to discover sea creatures and turtles here.

Founded by: Vernian LEMO – TDR build

How does Deep Sea Addon work?

Access a Deep Sea portal, and you no longer see the Deep Sea. Creating a Nether portal is so easy by collecting steel, a flint and obsidian blocks.

It is so simple to recognize different creatures in the ocean. Check the list of the creature and the mobs as followings:

Here is a turtle.

List of Sea Mobs

  • Anglerfish
  • Moorish Idol
  • Vortex
  • Seabed People
  • Sea Turtle


How to Install Deep Sea Addon

  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Enable the packs for discovering a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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