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Decrafter Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Decrafter Mod is a special mod which was made by Krim4918.With this mod, you will have a new tool and a new item which help you better than before.

This mod is about  Decrafter.It provides you Decrafter block which can get the core items which an object is made out of.Normally the crafting in Minecraft PE a little bit difficult.But with this a new item, you can resolve this issue as you can do reverse crafting.To craft an item with the item faucet you want to craft on Decrafter blocks and items will be dropped on the ground in front of you.That’s so easy.

Decrafter Mod

Decrafter Mod



  • /Advanced Decrafter – an advanced decrafter item – Item ID: 28

  • Decrafter (25) – 8 cobblestones + 1 iron ingot



Decrafter Mod




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