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DebugPE mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

DebugPE Mod is a great and special mod which was created by MyNameIsAnti and peacestorm.This mod was based on a mod in Minecraft PC which has the same name.

It is about Debug in Minecraft.Debug is a new thing with new players.And it will not be prioritized for development by the manufacturer.Normally it would not be in Minecraft PE.With this mod, you can see every little detail such as your in-game coordinations and FPS.get everything displayed with a user interface based on a simple text.Everything will be displayed in a simple text on.



  • Debug screen like in PC with Minecraft font
  • X, Y, Z coordinations
  • Toggleable on/off GUI button
  • Block info
  • Chunk info
  • Text compass/navigator (north/south/west/east)
  • Biome info
  • Current light level
  • Local difficulty
  • Current FPS count
  • MCPE Version
  • And more!

Author: MyNameIsAnti, peacestorm


DebugPE Mod

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