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The Darkened Addon for Minecraft PE

As its name suggests, the Darkened Addon changes most of the dimensions in Minecraft into a darker and more dangerous world. The reason is that there are lots of mobs attacking the earth. Key features of hostile mobs are sounds, textures, and behaviors. These factors combine with each other in setting up a gloomy world. Discover the game now.

Founded by: AlexFirey1411

Main Changes in The Darkened Addon

In this addon, some elements have been changed such as sounds, textures, and some mobs. All of them tend to be more aggressive and dangerous.

Although these changed mobs come with new names, they share the same similarity is trying to kill you.

Changes in behaviors

  • This addon is great for elytra enthusiasts, which means players can get the power to defeat fall damages
  • Phantoms replace Husks and zombies in an effective way. Sometimes, Desert Phantoms will kill the players in group. The drawback of Desert Phantoms is that they can easily be hurt by water. They have the ability to teleport as well. Besides, they have a small chance to spawn backup minions.
  • Talking about iron golems, they are replaced by the more powerful Defender.
  • Bolt-spitting Lightwings replace Bats in an effective way
  • There is a slight increase in the horse and jump boost
  • Skeletons tend to like using sword combat rather than bows. Strays continue to use their bows in long ranges.
  • It is obvious that Endermen is not compatible with Phantoms. It comes with frequent teleporting and sometimes attacks players. It also has the capability of shooting fireballs.
  • Wither Skeletons make impressive by boosted speed and combat.
  • With smaller size but more powerful strength, ghasts deliver more attacks. Sometimes, they attack zombie pigmen.
  • Using TNT can cause a dangerous explosion.
  • Although arrows can cause serious damages, they are influenced by the same gravity.
  • Compared with blazes and players, snowballs can make serious damages to mobs.
  • Creeper comes with faster speed. When the creeper is charged, it can do serious damages.
  • Witches could summon Phantoms into the combat. They tend not to throw potions.
  • When being wet, the Wither Boss will get hurt. Moreover, it has the boosted speed in an effective way. It also has the ability to charge players.
  • Endermen, Ghasts and Strays can shoot projectiles in bursts of 3.
  • With the boosted health, villagers look completely different. They apply different types of trade.
  • The new feature of both spiders is that they have 6 legs. When teleporting to other new form, they become bigger but are lack of 2 legs. Common spiders have the ability to shoot small fireballs, whereas, cave spiders come with the faster speed and more serious attacks.
  • Horse speed and jump are improved slightly.
  • Zombie Pigmen has the boosted strength with new textures and diamond swords.

Changes in Textures

  • The logo is gray
  • The panoramic background on start screen is gray
  • There are some changes in mob names and some texts
  • Spawn eggs and mobs come with new colors and textures
  • Some items have new textures such as snow, rain, water, moon, and the sun
  • Darker textures
  • Invisible potion particles

Music & Custom Sound

  • Main Menu
  • Creative Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Desert Phantoms (Husks)
  • Nether Phantoms (Wither Skeletons)
  • Phantoms (Zombies)
  • Arctic Phantoms (Strays)
  • Dark Dragon (Ender Dragon)
  • Defenders (Iron Golem)
  • Skeletal Phantoms (Skeletons)
  • Witches
  • Music credits: purple-planet.com



How to Install The Darkened Addon

Follow our steps below to get the full version of this game.

  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Settings > Global Resources > Activate pack
  3. Activate the behavior pack (the reason why I don’t recommend activating the resource pack here is that it might crash)

If you are interested in this game, feel free to get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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