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Craftmania [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

Craftmania is a big city that includes different cities and areas to discover. It’s worth considering the biggest Minecraft Pocket Edition map. Some places you can find out on the map are army bases, an airport, and several towns. Try to explore all of the places above.

Founded by: LORD_CR4FT3R

You will spawn in a crowded commercial place with many hotels, office complexes, and skyscrapers.

There is a big river separating the city into 2 spaces. Besides, it is easy to recognize a submarine and many big boats here.

Walk ahead and you will see a big suburban neighborhood. It makes impressive by identical houses.

Move a little bit, and it’s time to discover a big airport that has more than 10 planes. The airport also comes with great landing strips.

The spawn is next to a big harbor with different shipping containers and large ships.

There are many oil platforms in the sea.

Walk around the city and explore many great submarines and big ships.

Feel confident to discover other areas here.


  • Added Capitol City
  • Improved districts of districts of Craftmania
  • Valahia is a close city to Craftmania
  • Two additional airports
  • Military port
  • Improved U Train

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