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Cow Plus Addon (1.8+ Only)

A new feature of this addon is the appearance of 7 cows that come with a variety of features. Some cows could be found naturally in biomes, whereas, the others are the result of mating among different cows. The spawn rate of each cow is different, which decides its rarity.

Founded by: Ignacidark44, Alex587

How to Play Cow Plus Addon

One fact is that cows spawn naturally in many biomes. Besides, the mating of 2 cows can spawn some cows.

Cows are the result of mating:

  • Xacamorfo
  • Cow Cloud

Cows spawn naturally:

  • The Cow Bug
  • The Sea Cow
  • The Cow Beetle
  • The Marsh Cow
  • The Cow Devil

How to Install Cow Plus Addon