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Controller Tooltip Selector Pack for Minecraft PE

Feel confident to enjoy 9 beautiful designs of the controller tooltips. With this pack, changing different designs is a simple task. Some typical Xbox designs could be listed here, including PlayStation, Nintendo: Switch, and the others.

Founded by: AgentMindStorm

How to Play Controller Tooltip Selector Pack

Firstly, choose the wrenches and drag the slider. The wrenches include /Settings/Global Resources/. It helps you change the designs effectively.

Remember to move the slider to the suitable style. Moreover, attempt to reload the game properly.

Pay close attention to these following pictures.

Styles of Tooltip

  • Automatic (Bedrock): It refers to the Minecraft default setting
  • Automatic (Console): It makes use of Minecraft Console Edition. The function is adjusting the tooltips button and checking your platform
  • Generic (Bedrock): This appears if you place a controller on the phone or tablet
  • Generic (Console): It presents the generic buttons’ colors
  • Xbox (Bedrock): You can see it when playing on Windows 10 or Xbox One

How to Install Controller Tooltip Selector Pack

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Activate Minecraft
  3. Choose Settings > Come to Global Resources > Enable the pack > Choose the Settings Icon > Edit UI settings by using the slider
  4. Start Minecraft again

Download a .ZIP file for this game here.



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