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Commands Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Commands Mod is a special and creative mod which was created by 99FireyMan99.It is about command in Minecraft PE.

With this mod, you will have many new commands for Minecraft PE 0.10.5.Some of the commands are simple while others are a little bit more complex.Dozens of command with different features await you in this mod.For example, the most recent of the mod is a command that gives you a new item called Ore Stick.


All Commands

  • /help (introduction of the mod)
  • /heal
  • /orestick (gives you an Ore Stick item which you can tap on the ground with to let you know whatever ores are under that block)
  • /give
  • /info
  • /die
  • /explode
  • /coords
  • /godmode [on/off]
  • /spawn
  • /tp
  • /gamemode [1/0]
  • /gm [1/0] (same as above)
  • /home
  • /sethome
  • /fire
  • /speed [on/off]
  • /id
  • /jump
  • /instamine
  • /smelt
  • /eggs
  • /fly
  • /clear
  • /ci (same as above)
  • /nuke
  • /tree
  • /nr
  • /farm

Item IDs

  • Instamine Pickaxe (ID: 502)
  • Ore Stick (ID: 491)

Author: 99FireyMan99


Commands Mod

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