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CommandCraft Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

CommandCraft Mod is a useful mod which was created by Fatihcraft2TR.This mod is about command in Minecraft PE.

With this mod, you will have over thirty new commands which can help you control and edit everything in the game.If you want, you will do it.For example, you can gamemodes, teleport to specific coordinations, more health for your character.Command can do anything in Minecraft PE.So I think this mod is so necessary.


Commands & Information

  • /about – displays a short message about the mod
  • /help [page] – help about the mod
  • /biome – tells you which biome you are in
  • /clear – clears the inventory (works only in survival mode)
  • /dropitem <x> <y> <z> <item> <amount> [damage] – drops the item ID at specific coordinates you choose
  • /entity
  • /blockdata – shows the information about the block you are pointing at
  • /explode <x> <y> <z> <radius> – creates an explosion at the coordinates of your choice
  • /fly – turn fly on/off
  • /fov <number> – sets your field of view
  • /gamemode [0/1] – switch between survival and creative
  • /me <about you> – roleplay command
  • /gamespeed <ticks> – decrease or increase game speed (slow motion or super fast)
  • /give <item> <amount> [damage] – give yourself something nice
  • /heal – instant healing command
  • /health [set/add] <hearts> – set your health to a specific amount or add hearts to your current
  • /coords – shows your current in-game coordinates
  • /ignite <seconds> – put yourself on fire in x seconds
  • /itemdata – shows information about the item you are currently holding
  • /spawnpoint – sets your spawnpoint to your current location
  • /ip – check ip, only available on local servers
  • /kill – sets your health to 0 = death
  • /name – see what your name is
  • /playsound <sound> <volume> <pitch> – plays a sound of your liking
  • /print <message> – show a message in the chat
  • /say <message> – lets you say something in the chat with your name as the one who said it
  • /time [set | add] <ticks> – set the time of the day: day, midday, night, midnight
  • /stop – leave the game
  • /summon <id> <x> <y> <z> [skin] – summon a mob
  • /tile [destroy]
  • /title <title>
  • /tp <x> <y> <z> – teleports you to the coordinates you choose
  • /version – shows current version
  • /world – shows the current world name
  • /disguise <entity>
  • /d <entity>



CommandCraft Mod

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