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Command Block – Confirmed!

Command Block has been confirmed to be released in a future update! Rumor has it, that it is coming to the nearest update, which is 0.15.0. But do not be surprised if the release date is pulled back to a later day.

command block

What is a Command Block?

Command Blocks are used to execute commands meant to affect selected entities. Command Blocks cannot be crafted, they can only be accessible by using commands. You can get it in Creative Mode as well.

To use a Command Block, you must type in a Command into the block, and then power it with a Redstone power source. If the command is correct, it will be executed.

For example, typing /kill in a block and powering it will kill whomever you decide.

Target indicators

  • @r= Random Players
  • @p= Nearest Player
  • @a= All Players
  • @e= All Entities, including: Players, Ender Crystals, Fireballs, dropped items, Wither Skulls, mobs, and Paintings.