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Colored Barriers Resource Pack (Beta Only)

If you are looking for creating invisible walls, this pack is a great option. At the first time, this pack is designed for Java Edition. However, it turns to the Bedrock Edition beta after that. You can feel confident to choose the most suitable color among 16 options or change the barrier block’s color.

Founded by: AngelPandaEarth

How to Play Colored Barriers Resource Pack

Firstly, access Global Resources and activate the game. Choose your color by selecting the right wrench icon and the slider.

Type /give @s barrier to get the barrier block.

This pack is a great tool to change the barrier block’s color from red to green color. If you want to use this application again, you must be out of the world and make use of the slider option.

You can take advantage of the barrier block to create invisible walls.

How to Install Colored Barriers Resource Pack

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