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Cobblestone Island [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

You will feel surprised when enjoying Cobblestone Island [Adventure] Map. As you know, evil mobs lock the villagers. As a brave warrior, you need to explore all of the important items. Try to get the hidden items quickly. These items help lock the door effectively.

Founded by: Kidsource

A jail cell is a place where locks the villagers. After finding 30 Prismarine Crystals, you could save them into a hopper.

It is easy to find the Prismarine Crystals in many places of the island. You can complete this task by overcoming all challenges.

Here is a big pizza!

Explore a variety of structures in this map. They include puzzles, battles, custom armor, custom weapons, and 50 buildings.

How to Install Cobblestone Island [Adventure] Map

  1. Download .McWorld (MediaFire)
  2. Download .McWorld (Dropbox)
  3. Download .ZIP


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