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Chocobo skin for Minecraft PE

An ostrich-like mob from Torojima’s Chococraft Mod.

The Chococraft mod adds a new mob called the Chocobo.
The most basic type can be found in the wild and can be tamed by feeding them Gysahl Greens. Gysahl Greens is a plant found in the wild, but also can be planted by sowing Gysahl Seeds.
Chocobos can be bred to create new Chocobo. The offspring will be a Chicobo, the juvenile form of a Chocobo. After a while a Chicobo will grow into a Chocobo, or you can feed the Chicobo a Gysahl Cake to grow it to maturity instantly. Chicobos will be born wild and have to be tamed with Gysahl Greens. Chicobos will inherit the type from one of their parents or mutate into new types. Thus by repeatedly breeding Chocobos all normal types of Chocobos can be acquired from tamed wild Chocobos. There are a few special Chocobo types though, which can only be acquired by special means.
The below is the mod author’s description on the Minecraft forums. It should be broken up into individual pages and articles as time permits.

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Chocobo skin for Minecraft PE
Chocobo skin for Minecraft PE



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