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Chest++ Addon

What is special about this addon? This is the change from shulkers to chests. You can use decorative containers to make your world more beautiful. Besides, you can use the spawn egg to make the shulker appear. A good way to change the appearance of the shulker is dyeing it. Move your cursor to open the shulker.
Founded by: CodanRaigenXXI


• Orange stands for Dark oak chest
• Cyan stands for Old chest
• Black stands for Acacia chest
• Purple stands for Safe
• Brown stands for Spruce chest
• Light blue stands for Diamond chest
• Red stands for Royal chest
• Blue stands for Chained chest
• White stands for Cabinet
• Magenta stands for Red chest
• Undyed stands for Box (default)
• Yellow stands for Birch chest
• Green stands for Jungle chest
• Silver stands for Cargo
• Lime stands for Emerald chest
• Pink stands for Crate
• Gray stands for Medieval chest

How to Install Chest++ Addon

Download Resources .McPack
• Choose Minecraft
• Access Settings > Global Resources > Use the pack
Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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