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Cave Spawn & Diamonds Seed for Minecraft PE

In this seed, you will spawn in a cave. Walk ahead, and you will see some lava. It is believed that there is a waterfall in front of the cave.

Your task is creating a path for walking. It must come with some cobblestones inside the lava.

Walk straightly, and it is easy to recognize two emeralds ahead.

On your right side, create a cobblestone path.

Crossing the lava, there is a dirt wall on your left side. A stone block appears at the wall’s left corner.

Look at this picture. You need to dig the dirt blocks and the stone straightly.

If the lava is ahead of you, you can cross a walking path through the lava by putting down cobblestone blocks.

After crossing the lava, you should try to place down the cobblestones. Then, break the blocks and the wall. It enables you to discover a tunnel.

On your left side, you can see some iron, Redstone and 8 diamonds.

Seed: glowifics diamonds

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