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Cauldrons in the 0.14.0 Update

Cauldrons are being added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in the 0.14.0 update! Cauldrons primary use is to hold water, dye, and potions. Having water in Cauldrons makes the water easily accessible, which is useful for Brewing. Here’s what to expect from Cauldrons in the 0.14.0 Update.

Cauldrons in the 0.14.0 Update


You can fill a Cauldron with a Bucket of Water. Leave it out under the rain should do the trick just fine.


You can use a Cauldron to fill up glass bottles, handy for Brewing as well as to Dye your armor.

  • 7 Iron Ingots => 1 Cauldron

A Cauldron requires three Water Bottles or any type of Potions to fill, or rain Water. Once a Cauldron has been filled, it has three Water or Potion uses. Its Water can be dyed with any Dye.

Interesting facts about Cauldrons in the 0.14.0 Update

  • Cauldrons in the 0.14.0 update was added along with Witch Huts. It makes perfect sense. There are usually Cauldons inside Witch Huts.
  • Pocket Edition Exclusive: Water in Cauldrons can be dyed.
  • Pocket Edition Exclusive: Cauldrons can hold Potions.
  • Pocket Exclusive: Leather Armor can be dyed through Cauldrons. Each time 1/6 of dyed Water in the Cauldron is used (assuming that it is full).
  • Cauldrons in Witch Huts always hold Potions from the beginning.
  • Despite being made of Iron, a Cauldron can be mined with a Wooden Pickaxe.

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