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Castle Wars [Minigame] (Addon!) Map for Minecraft PE

If you are in the battle with the mission of protecting the king and country, you should have a strong team including both players and non-players. Here is a fierce battle that requires you to spawn in your own guards. Try to be the winner or you will lose the battle.

Founded by: ShaolinMiner

How to play Castle Wars [Minigame] (Addon!) Map

There are two main options for you to play this map, including singleplayer and multiplayer. Your responsibility is selecting one of the buttons from the beginning of the map. Discover each type as the followings.

  • Singleplayer: The guards of enemy have the capability of spawning automatically at the other castle. Spawning some enemy guards is so simple by pressing the buttons at your castle. However, most of guards are friendly; they seem not to be ready to enter the battle.
  • Multiplayer: It means there are two teams split up in this game. Once you have owned two teams, you should enter your castle. You must get the agreement from other players in the chat to start the game before spawning any guards.

The main feature of both teams is that they will attack other teams in an automatic way. Both teams are very friendly toward players.

Learn how to win a race through 2 following methods now. The first method is killing members of the enemy team. The second one is stealing the mascot of other team and bringing it back to your castle.

Download Map .McWorld

Download World Template .McPack

Download Map Files .ZIP

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