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Castle of Lendor [Creation] [Adventure] Map For Minecraft 0.13.0

With Castle of Lendor [Creation] [Adventure] Map, you will wake up at an old castle and town which looks as if it was built during the Middle Ages (AD 500-1500). You will be enjoyed a city bring dark color, no electricity, no technology…all things also is handmade.

Moreover still have a castle, in this castle have many mysteries for you explore, wide and dark…. It’s primarily the castle in this case which is fortified. The town is accessible by anyone as it got no defending wall. Either way, it’s a really cool build which got some inspiring creations to be explored. Close to the village is a river and as a result there are some small ships which are anchored there.

Sure that you’re a fortitude and resilience person, reason is only that person just can overcome this map.



Author: TenguMaster



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