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Campfire Concept Add-on

This game adds a new entity to Minecraft, which is Campfire. It plays the same functions as the fireplace with many gorgeous features. You can make use of these functions to advance the fire.

Founded by: Santigamer836

How to Play Campfire Concept Add-on

Use the combination between the steel and a flint to make the campfire turn on. Turning off it is so easy by pouring water on it. After that, the bucket is out of water soon.

Key Features

  • Use the steel and a flint to turn on the campfire and pour the water to turn it off
  • If the campfire is turned off, it will produce 1 to 2 charcoal
  • Check the spawn egg area to find out the item for getting the campfire
  • The entity works similarly to a block
  • In-game sound

How to Set Up Campfire Concept Add-on

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