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Camp – Abandoned Mineshaft

In this Minecraft PE 0.11.0+ seed you will spawn on above a abandoned mineshaft. Before you explore the seed, you should mark the spawn. After you have eought wood to craft pickaxe. 

Back to the spawn then dig straight down and you fall to the spawn soon.But you must careful, because the mine too dark, takecare before set the torch as the wall.


In the abandoned mineshaft have a lots of rooms, most of room can be found is water and swamp. The ores in the mineshaft quite abundant: coal, iron, lapis lazuli, redstone, gold, diamonds…But mostly is gold.


Cross the mineshaft you can find a dungeon with a mob spawner inside (zombie spawner). Of course, you will find chests in the dungeon: In this dungeon you will find two chest with following items: an iron bucket, several iron ingots as well as gunpowder.


Back to the surface is a swamp village, unfortunally this village doesn’t have any village. You should play this game in creative mode first because a lot of thing you want to see in the birdview.


Seeds : Camp Work in PE ver0.11.0+

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  1. There are a bunch of villages in this seed, I like it a lot!

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