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Camp of Puzzlemaca [Adventure/Puzzle/Parkour] Map For Miencraft PE 0.12.1

In Camp of Puzzlemaca [Adventure / Puzzle / Parkour] Map, your mission is to rescue his sister at a place of evil. You wake up in the camp and sniffed a few times in the air and smelled the smell. You can imagine it was you who smell and feel that deep swimming pool can help. When swimming around you heard a loud voice calling you. You quickly look up, turning your head in one time 360 degrees in the water to try and detect the caller. You see a fat man staring at you. He tells you to enter the cabin and read the small note that was left on the bed and out the door. Confuse you on your way to the cabin and began to read the notes.




  1. Peaceful mode must be on
  2. Don’t break blocks unless told to do so
  3. If you see a bed, sleep.
  4. Have a good time!

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