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Caden Island [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This is a special world that turns the traditional island into a big city. There are 5 sections in the city. Each section has a special architecture. There are a variety of structures to discover on the map.

Founded by: cadenbarbour

Key Features

  • The Royal Gardens: This is an awesome place to explore in the northeast corner. It includes different attractions like a mushroom forest, a hedge maze, and a marsh.
  • Caden City: As the center of the island, this city shares some similarities with other common Minecraft villages.
  • Mount Giant: As one part of the island, it comes with many dark oak houses and scenes of different districts.
  • Hai Long Bay: Belonging to the beach district, Hai Long Bay has an acacia-built skyline, a trade center, and a common mall.
  • Caden Tower: This tower locates in the north of Caden City. A big lapis lazuli tower plays an important role as the central headquarters.

How to Install Caden Island [Creation] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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