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Butterflies Add-on for Minecraft PE

As the replacement of bats, the butterflies are so cute and lovely. They are the perfect addition to your worlds, which changes the way of decoration with demon-like bats.

Founded by: Vladu11

How to Play Butterflies Add-on

Butterflies have been known as the replacement of bats. It is easy to see them in caves. Another common way is making use of bat spawn eggs from the creative inventory.

One fact is that butterflies constantly fly, which makes them hard to recognize. They have the same size as the bats.

Each bat comes with slim wings and two antennas designed on the head.

Riding butterflies is possible. You should make a right click on Windows 10. Press “Ride” and long tap on iOS/Android. However, it is difficult to control where the butterflies will move.

How to Install Butterflies Add-on

  1. Download behavior .mcpack
  2. Download resource .mcpack

Download a .ZIP file here.