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Boat Racin’ [Minigame] [Adventure] Map For Minecraft

Have you ever participated in a sailing contest yet? If not, then this map is really a place where you can try to experience a first regatta in life.

It is not too difficult and not too long, simple tron this map you will join two interesting race. As a first glimpse down below they might not look that hard but for example on the inside of the pyramide awaits challenging obstacles. The map can be played in two different modes. If you don’t have BlockLauncher, e.g., you’ve got an iOS device then you’ll have to play the map just as it is. As a suggestion you can compete in a boat race with friends.

Find the chest with all the boat types and select one of the boats. Place the boat in the chest on the other side of the boat dispenser and then tap on the Boat Dispenser sign to get that boat.

Tap on the signs in the lobby to gain an effect.

Kit Commands

  • /kit – see all commands
  • /kit help
  • /kit pvp
  • /kit tnt
  • /kit lunch
  • /kit spawner

Find three creeper heads which have been hidden on different locations throughout the map. Then return them to the lobby and place them on the diamond blocks in the lobby and get a fountain of diamonds.

If you have an Android device then you can get the optional mod which includes multiple features to add more fun to the map.



Author: DiegoGTRatty


Download Map

Moreover, you can download mod for this map at here.

Download Mod

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