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Boar Add-on for Minecraft PE

In this add-on, boars will replace pigs in an effective way. As you know, boars have a close relationship with domesticated pigs, which live in the wild. Compared with normal pigs in Minecraft, boars are more dangerous but they have the ability of dropping better loot. Explore all amazing features of Boar Add-on.

The game is ported by LightModPE

How does Boar Add-on work?

As we have mentioned above, wild boars replace pigs by a more dangerous version. Although these boars come with the basic evolutionary roots, they are completely different in the appearance. For instance, typical features of the wild boar include a pair of tusks, as well as a brown and thick coat.

You can find the idealist places for wild boars to spawn are forests, plains, or somewhere with grass.

In comparison with an ordinary pig, wild boars are more aggressive. Avoid hitting wild boars because they will chase and attempt to kill you.

Key features

  • As a replacement of pig
  • Neutral characteristics
  • Has 15 hearts in health
  • 10 attack damages
  • Has the better capability in dropping more meat than a normal pig

How to install Boar Add-on

Follow our steps below to get the full version of this game.

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world

If you are interested in this add-on, feel great to get a .ZIP file here.

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