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Blokkit Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

Coming with 7 various types of living blocks, Blokkit Mod (Android) offers the great ability to tame these blocks into supportive companions. Don’t worry about the attack of a monster, the Blokkits will help you every time and everywhere you need. They are actually friendly pet due to the excellent cuteness. So, get as many of them as possible.

This mod is ported by TaQultO and ElSirKael. Besides, the original PC founder is BlueCube.

How to play Blokkit Mod (Android)

The first important requirement is making a Blokkit spawn item. Follow our recipes to own necessary item IDs.

  • Blokkit Grass (2000) – 1 redstone+ 8 grass blocks
  • Blokkit Wood (2001) –1 redstone + 8 wood blocks
  • Blokkit Stone (2002) –1 redstone+ 8 stone blocks
  • Blokkit Iron (2003) –1 redstone + 8 iron ingots
  • Blokkit Gold (2004) –1 redstone + 8 gold ingots
  • Blokkit Diamond (2005) –1 redstone+ 8 diamonds
  • Blokkit Glowstone (2006) –1 redstone + 8 Bottle o’ Enchanting

How to tame the Blokkit Mod (Android)

Spawning the creature is so simple by combining the item and tapping on the ground.


It may take you several times of trying to be familiar with taming the Blokkit. You will need the support of some apples to do this task. If the heart particles appear, it means you are successful.

A tamed blokkit has the capability of sitting or standing, which depends on your order.


At the beginning, the Blokkit comes with no experience, parallel level 0. Checking the current statistics is so simple just by pressing and tapping sneak.

This is the way the Blokkit defends you. It goes around and protects you from other mobs. If you overcome the level 5, you have a great opportunity to get a golden apple.

The mature Blokkit features different characteristics of strength, size and health.

How to name the Blokkit

You can use nametag to call your Blokkit creatures. We believe that this mod will have new improvements in the future. Nametag (421) includes 1 paper and 1 string.

How to set up the Blokkit Mod (Android)

  1. Download this mod.
  2. In case the downloaded file is a .zip file, rename it to reach the file extension- .modpkg.
  3. Activate BlockLauncher and set up the .modpkg file by clicking here.


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